Saturday, March 5, 2011

Que Sera Sera

Ok, so over the past week, I have had the should I/ shouldn't I thoughts.  Should we sell?  But the flowers are starting, the grass is greening up..... blah blah blah.  Then again today, ok, but if I move, just think of how much attention I could pay to a smaller garden, rather than be a slave to over an acre of property and gardens!  Decisions Decisions.  After much debate and a few tears, we are going to just go with the flow.  I am going to submit to the whim of the world.  If the right buyer comes along and offers the right price for my house, then apparently fate is stepping in and it is meant to be.  If no offers come in and we go with the flow, then we are meant to raise our family in this house and will continue to move forward. I will not be a slave to the house and the potential buyers out there ready to view it- if you come for a showing and I have dishes in the sink and toys all over the floor, just step over the barbies and xylophone and look around you.  You are here to look at my house, not my housekeeping capabilities, right?  I am a mommy of 2 beautiful girls, and we are enjoying our life in our too big house.  If you are not happy with the fact that I did not pick up a toy prior to your visit, oh well, buy it yourself and you can keep it as organized and un-lived-in as you like!  I love this house, but I could definitely love another house.  It is not the house that makes the home, afterall, it is the people inside.
My 5 year old daughter got a new pet today.  A RAT!  OMG, what was I thinking?  This little rodent is adorable, I must say.  Though she will be growing, and I am sure faster than we want, she is pretty cute right now.  My daughter LOVES her! She is singing to her, cuddling her, rocking her and talking to her as if she is her baby.  It really seems to be going great.  I was hesitant about a rat, I mean, come on people-  A RAT?  Then after hearing about the benefits of how inteligent they are, how social they are, that they tend to not bite, vs a hamster or a gerbil that definite WILL bite, the cards were played.  My little girl insisted on a rat, and I gave in to the whim. 
Apparently this is my thing- if it is meant to be, it will be.  Que Sera Sera!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Just a Thought

Ok.  So, here I go.  I have been thinking about writing one of these for some time, but did not know where to begin. So, where to begin?  With just a thought.  What is happiness?
I have been married for almost 11 years now.  In that time, we have lived in 9 different houses and moved a total of 11 times.  Oh yeah- and we are not even in the military!  After being married for about 2 years, I phoned my husband at work and was informed that he no longer worked there- to my complete surprise.  After calming down, and locating him, he informed me that he would now be a builder!  OK, roll with it.  He was already in the process of buiding our soon to be new house- on weekends and nights, so sure, let's do it full time and make it a living.  4 new houses and 11 years of marriage down, and now he is changing careers yet again.  Now it is to be a restaurant owner- OK roll with!  Whatever my husband touches, seems to work out for him.  I like to believe it is because he has a supporting wife behind him every step of the way.  That combined with his enourmous pride and great work ethic, he can make something out of anything. Each one of our moves, was for a "better" life for ourselves and our kids.  We moved from our first house to a "better" town.  The next house to a better neighborhood (by the way, it was back to our original hometown).  The next house was the "dream home", but we never saw that dream to be a reality, since we sold it before moving into it and relocated to a different state- for a "better life for ourselves and our children".  This most recent house is another "dream house", but again, watch out what you dream for- you might just get it.
Well, here we go again.  We have put the house on the market again- uh oh!  More moving boxes and missing china.  This time, however, it is my idea- I must have officially lost my mind.  My husband has built such a beautiful house and an enormous house, that I just can't seem to stay in it.  It is constant upkeep, but oh how beautiful it is when it is kept up!  There is an acre of property which needs mowing, raking, weeding, blah blah blah.  My husband is working over 12 hours a day, and the house is simply too large to be in alone with only 2 small children and a dog who can size up with a race horse.  It is lonely in this house and in a neighborhood where the neighbors are too far away to talk with "over the fence".  I want a neighborhood where I will see my neighbors and where my small children can play with other small children.  Also, I want a house that doesn't take all of my effort and free time to keep clean.  So I ask you.... will I be happy in a smaller house?  If not, we can always move again!  Just a thought!